“You have done a great job charting our course through these seas of trying times. Sad that our voyage is coming to an end, this course has been a god send and helped me immensely with my lower back issues. There is a tone and cadence to your commands I find soothing and subtly hypnotic, so the exercise portion of our sessions is medicinally relaxing. I generally intend to continue Yoga in some form indefinitely going forward, and would be happy to sail with you again. Please send me the information of the registration for the summer classes”.
-Keith W.

“I swear, your yoga nidra is some powerful juju. I had a terrible tension headache since I woke up this morning. Did some yoga, some walking, drank lots of water, got acupuncture from Matt, nothing helped. Then 45 min of yoga nidra with you and poof it’s gone. 😘”
-Rachel G.

“I’m going to do the hip class on repeat every day! I almost started crying it felt so good and I was so happy to hear your voice leading me through it ❤️”
-Laura B.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your class helped decrease my pain incredibly, even with driving to Raleigh. Stretched when I got home and slept with a pillow under my ribs. Didn’t move ONCE during the night, no tossing and turning, and woke up pain free! I have had the left side discomfort since I came to my daughter’s in October. Just wanted to let you know HOW much you helped me and I now have a tool box full of new things to add to my practice to open my ribs and chest!
Thanks again,”
-Suzanne F.

“Today was my favorite class so far and I have liked them all so that’s saying something! I’ve been so pleased with how much better my hip and back have felt since I started yoga that I want to keep it up.  I’ve lost 54 pounds since July. That coupled with the hip and back relief I get from yoga has been life-changing. I never want to go back: only forward! Thank you for caring so much about each of us. You are really making a difference with us.”
-Julia F.

“You are honestly the reason I started practicing yoga again regularly. I just finished my 200 hour in May with Yoga Works and am teaching now at LA Fitness twice a week. I’ve been going to so many classes and doing so much self study lately, over the past year and half. Your level of artful instruction and calming supportive environment you cultivate in class is amazing and something I am aspiring to as a new teacher = )”
-Nicole D.

“I have done all of your videos and the meditation recording. I can now match the classes to how I’m feeling that day. This is a huge gift to me and others. 
-Tanya A.

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