Next class at Hot Asana Yoga Studio
October 26th
in downtown Southern Pines
Never done Acro before? Perfect! You will learn about alignment, bone stacking, mounts, transitions and more! If you already have an established Acro practice, I will provide you with tips and tricks to make you a stronger partner and help you master your technique and positions!
Spots are limited so please sign up in advance.
All levels are welcome and no experience, or partner, is necessary.
Regular class price!

AcroYoga is a physical practice that blends yoga, acrobatics, and Thai massage. It is practiced in pairs or groups of three in a safe and supportive environment. AcroYoga is all about creating community in which you need others to practice. The three roles of the practice are: base, flyer, and spotter. The base is the foundation offering support and guidance to the flyer. The flyer transitions from one yoga posture to the next while supported by the base. The spotter selflessly gives attention and support to the base and flyer to aid in trust and communication between the two. It takes all three to make a community!

The practice of AcroYoga has two sides, solar and lunar. The solar side focuses on dynamic acrobatic transitions, helping us cultivate self-confidence, the ability to communicate with others fast and efficiently, as well as the ability to take calculated risks and smart decisions under pressure. The lunar side incorporates Thai massage with therapeutic postures to provide healing and relaxation, cultivating in trust, and the ability to let go of control. The practice of AcroYoga acknowledges the duality of life: the masculine and the feminine, the ying and the yang, the lunar and solar energies within our beings.

Try this beautiful and healing practice! ✨

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