Mercedes offers private healing sessions with clients which can be in person, by phone or Skype. The sessions last approximately 1 hour.  Mercedes combines her training and intuition to help people become clearer about particular issues and challenges they are facing. It’s best if clients prepare a few specific issues they would like to address prior to the appointment. She specializes in working with energetic imbalances on an emotional, physical and spiritual level. By guiding those who are interested in making connections between their physical ailments to current or past traumas, she helps to facilitate in the clients healing process. Mercedes does ongoing work with clients and also offers consultations.

Private yoga class sessions are an opportunity to work one on one to deepen your practice. The focus is on improving your own personal yoga goals. You will benefit from increased flexibility, strength, and mind body connection in a comfortable environment moving at your pace so that you can live a life that is balanced.

To schedule an appointment for either of the above options with Mercedes please complete the form in the contact tab.

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